Gift of Reading

Donations can be made online here, or by sending a check payable to Gift of Reading to 615 W. Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226

“Children who lack books are more likely to become illiterate, addicted and delinquent. By placing books in needy children’s hands, we can give them the keys to improving their world and we also can tell them that we know they can succeed.”
Dr. Louis Reid Ritchie, Founder, Gift of Reading

Stephen Henderson: Help get young minds into books

Gift of Reading strives to reach underserved children in metro Detroit who are at risk of never learning how to read. We believe that by giving them a new book of their own, we’ll help kids discover that reading isn’t just schoolwork, but a pleasure and joy to be experienced every day at home. We hope to encourage a life-long reading habit, one that can’t be broken.

Since the creation of Gift of Reading in 1987, the Detroit Free Press has distributed more than 750,000 books to needy, at-risk Michigan children. We provide these books to children during the holidays through Head Start programs, homeless shelters, clinics, and through agencies serving Braille-reading youngsters. For several years, we’ve provided a new book to every Detroit Public Schools student pre-k through 3rd grade.

If your organization serves children in need and you would like help providing books, please download and complete this application.